Sailing Barge Get Together – no sailing due to weed.

The Barge Match due to be held on Sunday 30th July has been changed to a “barge get together” as the lake is not in a suitable state for racing (See Above!)
Anyone with a barge is welcome to come but don’t expect much more than a small area to float in.
I will be there with boat or two but don’t expect¬†much to happen except maybe the offer of a cup of coffee or tea from your chairman.


Members will be well aware of the lake weed issues that we have been battling against since the spring. We have spent many hours trying to keep it under control in front of the jetty and along the front of the ‘island’. However, the best we seem to achieve is to clear it on a Monday or Tuesday for limited sailing on a Wednesday only to see it back the following week. Regrettably Silvermere cannot get the weed cutter in because of the low water level.

At the moment, yachts with smooth keels and built-in rudders (e.g. Moonbeams) seem to sail without problems provided there is sufficient wind, but other types of hulls and anything with a propeller are liable to get stuck.

Therefore, it is with great regret that your committee feels it necessary to cancel the Open Day this year, especially as we will not have a rescue dinghy available on the day.

At the moment we are planning to have the 2024 Open Day early in the spring before the weed becomes a problem.

PMMC Secretary